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Ravens to make a play for McNabb?

Crazy offseason McNabb trade rumor of the day!
So says a "report"
It was only a matter of time before Donovan McNabb's name surfaced in some sort of trade rumor this off-season, and it has happened here at Super Bowl XLII.

A report on ESPN yesterday said that the Baltimore Ravens, with new head coach John Harbaugh, are pondering making a substantial offer for the Eagles' veteran quarterback. After injuries limited Ravens starter Steve McNair to six games this season, it is only natural to wonder if Harbaugh, the Eagles' longtime assistant, would have interest in acquiring McNabb.

The Eagles have gone on record as saying they expect McNabb to be back as their starting quarterback. Team president Joe Banner strongly stated late in the season that McNabb would return.

Honestly this sounds Chris Mortenson sat down with his buddies and thought, "Well, the Ravens need a QB and their coach came from the Eagles and the Eagles drafted a QB last year, so logically the Ravens could try and get McNabb."

Are the Ravens actually thinking about this or is it just conjecture on the part of a reporter here?  I can't see happening because it doesn't really make any sense for either side. The Ravens, who hold the #8 overall pick, would have to likely give up the farm for the Eagles to even listen to an offer. If you're Baltimore, why would you bother? Would you give up the #8 overall pick, probably another pick, and a player for a an 30 QB that gets hurt all the time? I love McNabb, but let's face facts. That's what he is. Plus, the Ravens are $5 million over next years cap... which means they'd have to find a way to fit McNabb's $6.3 mil and their rookies under the cap. Not an easy task.

Not surprisingly, Raven's GM Ozzie Newsome completely disputes the report.

General manager Ozzie Newsome disputed an ESPN report that the Ravens are pondering making a substantial offer for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

"We have not had one meeting to discuss any personnel on our team or anyone else's team," Newsome said this morning. "We've been very busy hiring assistant coaches."

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