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Are we seeing the start of a Giants dynasty?

As tough as it is to say, it's fair to ask the question. Could the Giants be primed for a sustained run here?

FOX ran a pretty fascinating stat about the biggest superbowl upsets of all time. There were two bigger than the Giants beating the Pats. That was Superbowl 3 with Broadway Joe Namath and Superbowl XXXVI in which the Pats were 14 point underdogs to the St Louis Rams.  In fact, look at a headline following that game...

New England shocks St. Louis to win Super Bowl XXXVI

Just try and count how many times you see "shock" and "stun" in the headlines tomorrow...

It's hard to remember in hindsight but the Pats winning that game was actually a bigger shock than the Giants winning this one. The reason everyone forgets that is because the Patriots went on to become a dynasty. No one knew at that time that an upstart team who'd just shocked everyone with an unlikely superbowl win over a hugely favored opponent would go on to win 2 more titles.

Scared yet?

The Giants are the epitome of the old football cliche. Defense wins championships. Their defense is for the most part very young and they have a young quarterback that has obviously come into his own. Even if Strahan hangs it up after this one, that defense is still stocked with good young playmakers. Their offense may not be as good as their D just yet, but they're pretty damn good and still very young on that side too. So it's a fair question to ask... Are we witnessing the start of Giants dynasty?

Frankly, I think we could be... and if there was ever motivation for this Eagles team to be aggressive this offseason it's that...

On the bright side, it could have been worse. At least it wasn't Dallas!

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