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Breaking: Asante Samuel Press Conference

Update [2008-2-29 21:39:30 by JasonB]: Video! Part 1 of the press conference & part 2.

Financial details are sketchy. Some say it's a 5 year deal worth $47.2 million dollars. Adam Schefter is saying it's a 6 year deal.Update [2008-2-29 17:34:55 by JasonB]: It looks like 6 years $57 million.

Press conference is starting...

Update [2008-2-29 17:18:41 by JasonB]: Jeff Lurie: "We regarded Asante as the number one overall free agent in the NFL." He complimented Banner and Asante's agent on a professional negotiation.

Andy Reid "This is Asante's day" He doesn't want to talk about other players.

Asante Samuel: "I'm happy to be an Eagles and I'm ready to get rolling." He says the Eagles were at the top of the list he made of teams he'd like to go to. He likes the aggressive defense, appreciates the history of the Eagles and the fan support.

"It's a winning organization. When I watch them on defense, it looks like they're having fun out there. I'm going to bring a winning attitude coming from my first 5 seasons in the NFL being in winning situations"

Andy Reid: "Obviously I value the corner position very highly and when you have the opportunity to get the best one in the business you need to look at that."

When asked how Asante will fit in the Eagles seconary. "He'll be the starting left corner and then we'll work things out from there as we go."

Asante Samuel: Asked why not see what else is out there? "When you come to a place that makes you happy, what wait around?"

Jeff Lurie: "We hope in free agency that there's a special player that's available at a premium position. It's rare and that's why we focused on Asante"

Asante Samuel: Asked about the superbowl "It was tough, we didn't get it done and the Giants did. But I'm an Eagle now and hopefully we can get to the championship"
Andy Reid: "He'll have two chances to get over it this year.

"We played him and he had a couple INTs against us... and we thought 'if he just stays available to this point, we'll try and get him.' We're just fired up to have him here.

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