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Things you already knew... McNabb not leaving

McNabb offseason story of the day!
Clark Judge from CBS sports drops a bombshell on us this morning, McNabb won't be traded! I suppose it's better late than never that the main stream media picked up on that...
There was a lot of talking here over the weekend, especially involving soon-to-be-free agents, but something you almost never heard was Donovan McNabb's name in a trade conversation.

There's a good reason for that: McNabb is not available. If that wasn't clear before, it is now.

"I think they're keeping him," he said. "That's my take on this."

He goes on to talk about the success McNabb and Reid have had together, how McNabb was hurt last year, how he played well at the end of the year... He talked about how the Eagles think they could win with Kolb right now, but that McNabb still gives them their best chance.

The Eagles make that clear to McNabb whenever he telephones the team's coaches, and they made it clear to clubs whenever they bring up his name in conversation. Only, as one NFC head coach said to me this week, "I don't sense there's much of a buzz here about McNabb going anywhere."

Good. There shouldn't be.

So there you go. I suppose that's the final word. Although this news will apparently be a shock to the guys at a site called NFL Draft Specialist who posted some of the worst analysis I've ever seen in their latest mock draft. It also appears that while they are "NFL Draft specialists" they are not web design specialists...

The Eagles will look to trade Donovan McNabb before the draft. This teams appears to be headed into turmoil if the McNabb situation drags into training camp. Kevin Kolb might start the rebuilding process for the Eagles which might lead to the end of the Andy Reid era. Also, as has been the past few years the Eagles once again need help at WR. Look for the Eagles to consider DE or OL with the 1st pick.

Apart from their nonsense about McNabb leading to turmoil, my favorite thing they say is that Kevin Kolb leading a rebuilding would lead to the end of Andy Reid... who of course drafted Kolb. So if Kolb was the start of the rebuilding wouldn't the guy who... Oh nevermind. Just point and laugh.

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