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Asante Samuel's agent "expects interest" from the Eagles

When he says he expects it, does he mean "I've already talked to them?"

Without being too detailed, Shavers' new touchstone is the six-year, $72 million contract Indianapolis defensive end Dwight Freeney received before last season. That deal included $30 million in guarantees. The deal also was the biggest ever for a defensive player. While Shavers admits that pass rushing defensive ends are more valuable than cornerbacks in the pecking order of NFL position importance, the difference isn't enough to put a comparison out of the realm of discussion.

"I think you start at where Freeney is and work your way down, not from Clements and work up," said Shavers, who expects interest from the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints and possibly Dallas Cowboys. He said the Patriots remain a serious contender to re-sign Samuel.

Just to sum up the the entire article... Someone is going to pay Asante Samuel a lot of money.

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