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About windows closing...

For Eagles fans over the past 5 or 6 years it's been a familiar refrain. "Eagles going for one last run..." "The Eagles window is closing..." This thought that somehow the Eagles opportunity to win anything is or has passed.

Now, if this were the same Eagles team that started the run of success we've had under Andy Reid the idea of the window closing might make sense. However, I think people don't realize just how much this team has turned over since it first rose to prominence in 2002. To illustrate that point, I present to you the Eagles starting lineup  and depth chart in the NFC Title game against the St Louis Rams. The players still on the team are in bold.

The Offense. 5 guys, 3 starters. McNabb, the two offensive tackles, AJ Feeley(rookie), and Correll Buckhalter(rookie).

WR      87 PINKSTON, 84 F. Mitchell*, 82 D. Douglas
OLT     72 T. THOMAS, 67 Schau
OLG     76 WELBOURN, 74 Brzezinski
C     63 FRALEY, 73 Pyne
ORG     71 MAYBERRY, 66 Williams
TE     89 LEWIS, 83 Thomason, 88 Bartrum, 81 Stewart*
WR     80 THRASH, 85 Brown, 86 Scott
QB     5 McNABB, 10 Detmer, 14 Feeley*
RB     22 STALEY, 28 Buckhalter*, 30 B. Mitchell
FB     38 MARTIN, 34 Reader

The Defense. One guy. Dawkins.

DLE      98 WHITING, 94 Kalu, 59 Burgess*
DLT     90 SIMON, 97 Walker
DRT     96 GRASMANIS, 97 Walker
DRE     53 H. DOUGLAS, 91 Hamiter
WILL     56 CALDWELL, 55 Caver*
MLB     54 TROTTER, 52 Gardner
SAM     51 EMMONS, 58 Reese
LCB     23 VINCENT, 41 Hampton
RCB     21 TAYLOR, 31 Harris, 29 Crutchfield*
SS     43 MOORE, 45 Hauck
FS     20 DAWKINS, 42 Cook

Specialists. Obviously Akers.

PK     2 AKERS

So currently on our 53 man roster there are 7 players from the start of the "run" under Andy Reid. 4 starters and the kicker. The fact is that the roster has almost completely turned over in that time. It's not as if we have an old roster trying to live off past glory here. The fact is that much of the nucleus of this team was only drafted in the past 3 years. The fact is when media types spout this "window closing" cliche about the Eagles, they really mean McNabb. If Kevin Kolb was the QB of this team they'd be painted as a young team on the rise.

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