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Eagles deny Sheppard trade rumors

Thanks to Ajay in the comments for this link. The Eagles came out yesterday to deny the multiple rumors that CB Lito Sheppard was on the trade block.

The Eagles moved quickly tonight to squash reports that they have given veteran cornerback Lito Sheppard and his agent, Lamont Smith, permission to seek a trade.

"Any report suggesting that we've allowed Lito or his agent to seek a trade is absolutely, undeniably false," team spokesman Derek Boyko said.

Lito himself has also denied the reports.

Sheppard did not return phone calls from the Daily News last night, though Comcast anchor Derrick Gunn reported that he spoke to Sheppard, who "told me he knew nothing about this."

Obviously, if this is all some sort of hoax or bizarre misunderstanding, Sheppard and Schaffer(Lito's agent) would seem most likely to respond forcefully and make sure their denials were widely disseminated. An Eagles teammate close to Sheppard said last night that he, too, had left a message on the two-time Pro Bowl corner's cell phone that had gone unreturned.

I'm a bit skeptical here. ESPN claimed that two separate teams confirmed to them that Sheppard was being shopped. That seems to me to be a pretty strong and well sourced report. This should be worth keeping an eye on... the Eagles have reportedly contacted ESPN to deny the story, and Lito's agent could do the same. It'll be interesting to see whether ESPN backs off the report or stands by it. As of now, it's still up.

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