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Breaking: Lito Sheppard given permission to seek trade

Lito to shuffle out of town?
NFL Network is reporting this afternoon that Eagles CB Lito Sheppard has been given permission to seek a trade/are shopping him. So far they seem to be the only source reporting this. If it gets corroborated, I'll be sure to post up a link.

This is an interesting development, but not necessarily a huge surprise. Pretty much anyone you read this offseason has the Eagles in the market for help in the secondary and one of the main reasons always cited is that fact that Lito can never stay healthy. There's no doubt that when he's healthy he's a great playmaker, but lately that hasn't been all that often. In the last 3 years, Lito has played 11,13, & 10 games respectively. Sheppard's cap number next year is $3.45 million and the Eagles would take a $2.9 million hit to trade him.

I must say, I hope this a sign on the part of the Eagles that injury prone players will simply no longer be tolerated. Injuries have frustrated me more than anything over the past several years and  it always seems to be the same guys. Lito is clearly one of them. In fact, my favorite thing about the drafting of Kevin Kolb was that the guy started 4 years in college and never missed a game.

There's also been some talk, namely from Sal Palantonio, that the Eagles could be in the market for free agent CB Asante Samuel.

Looks like the offseason is finally starting to heat up!

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