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Chad Johnson wont be traded (for the billionth time)

Today in Chad Johnson news...
I've been saying this since before the season ended, but Marvin Lewis re-iterated in his strongest terms yet this week that Chad Johnson isn't going anywhere.
"No. 1, the guy has a contract through 2001, OK. No one within the Bengals organization has ever spoken of or ever uttered anything about trading Chad Johnson, nor will he be traded. ... So I think that's pretty clear. Things can move on," Lewis said, according to the newspaper and the team website.

Lewis said he has not talked with Johnson since the regular season ended, but added, "We've had a great relationship. All I want to see is Chad continue to be a very, very productive NFL player and help us win a lot of football games. And that's not going to change."

The NFL Players Association confirmed Tuesday that the Bengals would take an $8.03 million salary cap hit if they traded or released Johnson before June 1.

There are also several reports saying that if Johnson were to hold out next season, the Bengals are ready to play hardball.

So combine a tough $8 million cap hit, and a very strong rebuke from the head coach... and it certainly looks like Chad Johnson isn't going anywhere. Not here, to Washington, not to Dallas, and not to Miami.

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