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Judge: "Future is bright" for Eagles

It's always nice to get a little love from the national media... CBS Sports' Clark Judge weighed in this week with his 5 teams to watch in 08 column and guess who was on the list?


Never count the Eagles down for two consecutive seasons. Not with Andy Reid in charge, because it doesn't happen. He missed the playoffs in 2005 for the first time in six years, then won the NFC East the following season. So he missed the playoffs again in 2007. He returns this season, and I say that based on the team's finish: Philadelphia won its last three games, two of which were on the road and one of which was against NFC powerhouse Dallas. It was Philadelphia that exposed the Cowboys, and it was the Eagles who crippled New Orleans' playoff hopes.

He goes on to talk about some personnel moves and where the team needs help(nothing we don't already know)... It's hard to argue that the Eagles have to be a favorite to bounce back in 08, like he said they just haven't had back to back years out of the playoffs under Reid and the team really did start to play well late last year. Plus, and I think this is the most encouraging thing, this team has gotten younger over the last year. Especially in the front 7 which is actually stocked with good young talent. We still need a veteran playmaker on offense, more depth in the secondary, and maybe another pass rusher, but it's safe to say that the real improvement on this team next year should come from within as all those young defensive players continue to develop. Cole, Bunkley, Patterson, Gocong, Gaither, Bradley, & Abiamiri.

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