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NFL Offseason Schedule

I always find myself wondering what happens when, so I figured it would be worth throwing the NFL schedule up here on the blog.

We're about 10 days from the NFL "hot stove" being lit on fire...

February 21 - Deadline for teams to use the franchise tag. By then we'll know if big names like Jared Allen, Marcus Trufant, Asante Samuel, Randy Moss, Bernard Berrian, Karlos Dansby, Nnamdi Asomough, Terrell Suggs ect... will actually hit the free agent market.

February 20-26 NFL Scouting Combine. The time of year when a guy can make himself millions of dollars by running a 4.4 40 rather than a 4.5... At the combine in Indianapolis draft prospects get measured, weighed, interviewed, and work out in every way imaginable. It's also when teams' draft boards really start to come together.

February 29 Free agency begins. Get out your checkbooks.

April 26-27 NFL Draft. This year only rounds one and two are on the first day with rounds 3-7 on day two. In an attempt to make the draft a more TV friendly event the NFL made some changes this year, moving the start time to 3pm(E) and giving teams 10 minutes to make their first round pick(previously 15) and 7 minutes to make their second round selection(previously 10).

After that comes various rookie camps and mini camps until July when training camp opens for the 2008 season. It can't get here soon enough....

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