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Westbrook calls for playmakers... again.

"I just want some playmakers,"
In case the Eagles didn't hear him the first time Westbrook brought his case to the Philly media.

Westbrook: Birds a few weapons short

But again, like McNabb and recently offensive tackle Jon Runyan and safety Brian Dawkins, Westbrook emphasized the Eagles must improve their roster to make that happen.

"I just want some playmakers," said Westbrook, who many consider the Eagles' only legitimate such threat. "That's offense, defense and special teams as well. It's not any one position in particular; it's everywhere.

"I think that if we find those playmakers in all positions we'll be able to be more successful."

It's not about calling out teammates. It's about looking at the reality of the Eagles being an team and the only one in the NFC East that did not make the playoffs.

Simply put, the players realize the roster needs to get better.

"I don't think any of us is saying such-and-such is not a good player and we need to get rid of him," Westbrook emphasized. "I think it really goes down to the guys that are making plays need to make more plays. The guys that can do a better job, they need to do a better job. And if we can get somebody in there who can do a better job and help this team win football games, then we should do that as well."

While I wholeheartedly agree with B-West and I love the fact that he's become the kind of leader that can step up and say these things... I'm really skeptical about what the team can do. Let's face it, there aren't scores of great players out on the market. It's very likely that few if any significant players are going to hit free agency. Top notch impact guys like DE Jared Allen are likely to be franchised. The best TE in free agency is our own player, LJ Smith. It would appear that the only real hope of adding a big time playmaker are a bunch of half crocked trade rumors about this guy or that who could be available.

It's going to take some real creativity to find impact guys to bring here. Much of our success next year is going to rest on the continued development of guys already here like Victor Abiamiri, Chris Gocong, Stewart Bradley, Broderick Bunkley, Omar Gaither, Brent Celek, Reggie Brown...

Update [2008-2-1 9:48:54 by JasonB]: In a separate article today, Donovan McNabb says he thinks the Eagles will respond to his call for playmakers.

Donovan McNabb said he thinks the Eagles will respond to his call for playmakers, a call echoed this week in Phoenix by running back Brian Westbrook. "I'm pretty sure they will go in that direction, and I'm pretty sure if they don't, then you guys will have some comments about it," McNabb said after a visit with the NFL Network in the Super Bowl media center yesterday. "That's what you do in every offseason, you try to improve your team - through the draft, through free agency. That's something we have to really push for this year . . . We have to be able to feed off [a strong finish] going into next year."

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