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Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Open thread


The image is from the great HBO show "The Life and Times of Tim"

For a Giants perspective check out Big Blue View.

Did you know?

If Brian Dawkins intercepts a pass today, he will become the Eagles all time leader in that category?

Bottom line

There's not much anaylsis to be done about this game. We know the Giants, they know us. Every on earth already knows the Giants gameplan today and vice versa. Today is about desire. It's about execution. Beating a playoff team in the Cardinals last week was nice... but beating the Giants would be a signature win for this team and it's QB. McNabb hasn't beaten the Giants in 4 years! Granted, he missed several of those games to injury... but it's still a jarring statistic. I'm sure you are all as sick as I am of losing to the Giants.

I wrote a blurb about the game for the New York Times.

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