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And people say the Philly media is bad...

That video is of Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli whose son in law, Joe Barry, happens to be his defensive coordinator. The Lions defense also happens to be literally the worst in the NFL.

In the video Detroit News columnist Rob Parker repeatedly hounds Marinelli to give his thoughts on the performance of his defensive coordinator. He asks why the guy is still employed considering the defense is the worst in the NFL and whether the fact that he is the coaches' son in law is any factor.

Fairly legit questions. Probably questions many frustrated Lion fans want answered.

Marinelli answers some questions directly, but others he somewhat deflects by saying he's in charge and in the end everything is his repsonsiblity.

Pretty legit answers.

That's when it gets ugly. The reporter finishes his line of questioning by saying, "On a light note, seriously, do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?"

Basically slamming the guy's daughter is taking it too far. At the end of the clip, the FOX tv crew tears apart the reporter.

Our Lion's blogger over at Pride of Detroit also rips the reporter.

What do you guys think? Did the reporter cross the line?

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