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Eagles suddenly looking beat up

Part of the Eagles' resurgence over the past few weeks has undoubtedly been the fact that they've been relatively healthy. This week, that looks like it will change.

First off, WR Hank Baskett is definitely out for this weekend with a knee injury. Not good news, but I think most of us would agree we could get by without Kendra's man for a week. However, the loss of Hank is compounded by the fact that Kevin Curtis is listed as doubtful with a calf injury and right now looks unlikely to play.

The wildcard here is Reggie Brown. This week Marty Morninwheg announced that not only would Reggie be activated this week, he could very well get the start along with Desean Jackson. Brown has been de-activated the past two weeks after seeing his role in the offense reduced in the weeks leading up to that. Reggie made his feelings about his role in the offense well known this week.

Before I got hurt, I was our leading receiver in two games,” Brown said. "If that's not enough (to get on the field), I can't do more than I'm doing.”

Reggie did have two good games against Chicago and Washington, with 10 catches for 163 yards. Brown says he's had no explanation for his recent stint on the bench.

"That's a question you need to ask Reid,” Brown said in a barely audible mumble at his locker before practice yesterday. "Then you can come back and tell me. I don't get answers. I'm in the dark right now. I just go out and play.”

Reporters did ask Reid... and the answer they got was what you might expect.

"As good a player as Reggie is, we cut back his reps a little bit,” Reid said the day after the Arizona game. "That doesn't mean that he can't play or won't be a factor in these games.”

"Cut back his reps a bit?" You haven't even had the guy wear pads on gameday...

So what Reggie will we see on Sunday? The guy we know has talent, the guy who has produced in past? A guy that should be playing with a chip on his shoulder because he has something to prove? Or will we see the guy that has discouraged us at times about Reggie? The guy who doesn't seem to have that competitive fire all the time? The answer might just mean the outcome of this whole game.

Elsewhere on the Eagles' injury list is LG Todd Herremans who is listed as questionable with ankle and shoulder injuries. If he can't play, rookie Mike McGlynn will fill in for him. Jamal Jackson says McGlynn reminds him of another guy on the Eagles' line.

Jackson said McGlynn shows "a little Jon Runyan out there." He also used the word "gritty" to describe the rookie. Opponents have used much more pungent terms to describe Runyan.

McGlynn says he's tried to pattern himself after Runyan.

"I've watched him a long time," McGlynn said of Runyan, the right tackle expected to start in his 191st successive game tomorrow, despite a knee injury. "I definitely pattern myself a little bit after him. Playing hard, and to be smart about it, too - you've got to know when to take your shots, when it's appropriate."

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