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Eagles Notes - Lito Sheppard, Kevin Kolb

Lito Sheppard has been bumped down the depth chart so far he isn't even stepping on the field these days... but does that bother him?

"I'm still running around, jumping around, making noise and flying around practicing," Sheppard said yesterday. "It can [take] a toll on you if you let it, but hey, what can you do about it? I'm not pouting about it. It's not my decision."

He may not be happy about his situation, but he doesn't plan on making a big deal of it. He's enjoying the Eagles recent run.

"I'm not going to make [my situation] a distraction right now, considering how the team is doing and winning," Sheppard said. "These guys are playing great, and I don't want to be part of saying anything other than great. . . . I'm rooting these guys on, and hopefully they can help me get a ring."

Someone pointed out his shift of perspective, and Sheppard laughed.

"Yeah, I noticed that," he said. "It's the truth. If I was out there helping, contributing, then it would be we."

"Considering the team is winning?" So if they weren't... what?

Kevin Kolb had a tough outing in mop up duty Monday night. On a play where Kyle Eckel missed a block, Kolb was hit as he threw and the wobbly pass that followed was picked off and returned for a TD. He was treating to his first real chorus of boos as he walked off the field, but he isn't worrying about fan reaction.

I don't look at message boards or listen to anything else. I'm not worried about what they say, I'm worried about what the coaches say, what they think, and what I believe. I know my shot'll come, and when it does, they'll see the true me."

AJ Feeley, who knows a thing or two about throwing INTs, talked to Kolb on the sidelines

"I told him during the game, 'Keep plugging away. It's an unfortunate situation to be in, but it's going to make you a better football player,' " said third quarterback A.J. Feeley, who has endured most of the ups and downs of QB life. "Everybody goes through it. It's been kind of unfortunate, last game with getting hit, and having an outcome like that. But as a quarterback, you can't worry about that. You can't control everybody else on the field. You control your play, you know? You don't want him to change the way he approaches the game, his confidence, or how he views himself as quarterback."

Finally, Briwn Westbrook had a few words for the second year QB

"I definitely want to talk to him and let him know we still continue to have faith in him," Westbrook said. "When you go in at the end of the game, it's a weird position. You're not really a starter, you've been sitting on the bench most of the game. It's a different position for him. I'm sure that he hasn't lost any confidence in the locker room, and hopefully he hasn't lost any confidence in himself."

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