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Who is most deserving?

The pro bowl rosters came out today and only two Eagles made the squad. While it's hard to say any other Eagles got flat out "snubbed" you could make good arguments as to why some deserved to make it. It is very possible that one or more guys could be added to the pro bowl roster at a later date.

But who has the best case?

Quintin Mikell, SS - As Ajay pointed out MIkell's production was better than the NFC starter Wilson in every major category.

Brian Westbrook, RB - Westbrook missed a few games this year which prevented him from putting up the gaudy yardage numbers of the top NFC backs, he still has the third most TDs of any player in the NFL.

Donovan McNabb - Despite being benched at one point and dogged about questions over his future, Donovan McNabb has had a productive year and his numbers are slightly better than pro bowler Eli Manning's almost across the board.

Trent Cole - Cole made the pro bowl last year and his having another good year but hasn't put up the monster sack of numbers that several other NFC DEs have. Unfortuntely sacks appear to be the only criteria that matters for DEs as far as the pro bowl because Cole does lead the NFL in tackles for a loss. Cole is more than just a good pass rusher.

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