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Five questions the Browns - Blawgpound Edition

This week I sent out a few feelers to different Browns blogs in hopes of hearing back from at least one... I'm happy to say every single one got back to me and was happy to answer some question about their beloved Browns. I'll be putting up all the interviews with each blog throughout the day.

First we'll start with Pete Grasso of In the Blawg Pound. Be sure to keep checking over there today as he'll be publishing my answers to his five questions.

BGN - When I saw the Browns on the schedule when it came out I wondered who would be the QB when this game finally rolled around... but I never considered it would be Ken Dorsey. How do you think he'll fare against the Eagles' pass rush?

ITBP - I think at the beginning of the season, with the exception of Romeo Crennel and Derek Anderson, everyone in Cleveland wanted Brady Quinn to be the quarterback. When he finally got his chance (much, much too late in the season) he played well and then was injured. Anderson was subsequently injured and that leaves us with Ken Dorsey to finish out the season. Dorsey is a fine quarterback, and would probably be the No. 2, as opposed to No. 3, on any team in this league. The problem is, he hasn't really had many reps with the first team and, oh yeah, our coaches are terrible and don't know how to adjust a game plan. How he handles the Eagles' pass rush will be more a question of how well the O-line can block today and how well the Chud can call plays.

This may be part of your answer to the previous question, but I've read stories saying Browns fans are hoping to see WR/KR Josh Cribbs taking as many as a dozen snaps at QB in a wildcat formation. What are your thoughts on that?

I, for one, am a Browns fan who does not want to see Cribbs take snaps as QB. I think the whole wildcat or "flash" formation is a joke and a gimmick and has no place as the major part of anyone's offense in the NFL. I like Cribbs, don't get me wrong. But, he's not a QB anymore. He's an excellent kick returner and a good reciever.

Despite the Browns disappointing season and despite the fact that you guys are out of the playoff picture, I've read that Romeo Crennell has been resistant to giving your rookies and youngsters more playing time. Is this true?

Romeo Crennel is the definition of stubborn. He does not like being told what to do by anyone and he doesn't like to make changes (even if what he's got going clearly isn't working). Giving youngsters playing time at this point in the season makes sense to everyone, which means Crennel hasn't figured it out yet, or just plain doesn't want to "give in" to everyone. He's in way over his head as a head coach in the NFL and he tries to prove he isn't by listening to no one.

Building on that question, there's some rumors that Martyball could be making it's way back to Cleveland. Do you think it's time to give up on Romeo?

Everyone has given up on Romeo a long time ago. I had my doubts for some time, but what sealed the deal for me was when Romeo said, "I don't know how to motivate these players." To me, that's a head coach's main duty and he basically admitted he didn't know how to do his job. Bill Cowher and Marty Schottenheimer have been the top two names as coaches to replace him. I'm not sure if either one of them is the answer, and I hate having to start all over again, but it's clear that Romeo isn't qualified to be a head coach.

If you could steal one Eagle and put him on the Browns, who would it be?

I'd take Asante Samuel because we need help at corner. We need a playmaking veteran.

Thanks to Pete from In the Blawg Pound and be sure to check his site today for my answers to his questions.

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