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Eagles saying all the right things

The Browns aren't a good football team. They're 4-9, they've lost 3 straight games, and are down to their 3rd string QB. The Eagles on the other hand, have won two straight and beat two division leaders in the process.

Still, if the tie with Cincinnati proved anything... nothing can be taken for granted with this team. Hank Baskett knows this.

"All we have to do is remind ourselves that they beat the Giants, and we all know how good the Giants are,” Eagles receiver Hank Baskett said. "There's no such thing as an upset in the NFL anymore. If you don't go out there and play your best, you're going to lose. The Browns are a lot better than people realize. They could easily be 9-4 instead of 4-9.

"When you watch the film, you notice it even more. Maybe people outside don't see it, but we know what the Browns are capable of.”

Donovan McNabb

"They're a team that I think is being overlooked,” Donovan McNabb said. "They're a team that creates turnovers, whether it is fumbles or interceptions or batted balls. At times, people tend to just focus on the record or focus on where they are ranked, as far as stopping the run and the pass.”

Dan Klecko

"They play well on defense," Klecko said. "I don't know where it goes wrong for them, but it doesn't show on film that they're 4-9."

Marty Morninwheg

"They could easily be sitting there with a winning record," said Mornhinweg, no stranger to the time-honored football tradition of hyping the upcoming opponent. Last week, you might recall, Mornhinweg declared that the Giants' defense had "no weakness." Yet, somehow, the Eagles controlled the clock and the game.

So there's no excuses for a let down. It's primetime, we're at home, and there's not a neutral observer alive that would say we don't have the better team right now. THis team is not taking the Browns lightly with their words, so let's hope they don't do it with their actions on Monday night.

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