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Eagles Notes - Buckhalter and a bunch of benchings

Andy Reid confirmed that Correll Buckhalter has recovered from the knee injury that held him out of the last two games and will play Monday night.

"I'm sure he'll play a lot," fellow running back Brian Westbrook said. "I'm sure he'll get some carries, too."

Reggie Brown was asked about his current role with the team after being deactivated against the Giants and didn't have much to say.

"I don't know what's going on," Brown said, when asked about being healthy but inactive for Sunday's game at the Giants. He said he neither asked for nor was given a reason for his disappearance from the offense.

"I'm not going to get an answer," he said.

Yesterday, the reporter chasing Brown wondered whether he hadn't thought he'd be a star by now.

"You can't be a star if you can't get on the field," Brown replied, which is true, as far as it goes.

Les Bowen said that Reggie was asked these questions by a reporter that was chasing him into the wieght room... as he ducked into the room McNabb told the reporter to "talk to Andy."

Speaking of McNabb and benching, did his benching against Baltimore lead to his improved play?

someone asked McNabb again yesterday if sitting out the second half in Baltimore had helped him, even the teensiest, tiniest bit.

"No," McNabb said, clearly and forcefully.

Usually at the news conferences, reporters start shouting to get the next question in almost before the current answer is finished. This time, nobody said anything for several seconds, as everyone waited for McNabb to add something to that. But he didn't. That was his word on the matter: "No."

Finally, Omar Gaither's benching made way for Akeem Jordan to get a crack at the starting lineup and Jim Johnson has been plased by what he's seen.

"He's a good tackler, he's been productive, he's good in coverage — he can match up with a tight end or running back — and I felt like we needed that,” Johnson said.

"I'm sure it's not easy for Omar. It's tough on him, but he's handled it pretty good. I tell him he's one injury away. He'd be the first guy to go if any of those guys got hurt.

"It's hard (to bench a starter). But I just felt I would try to go with it, and I'm happy with it.”

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