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Lito Sheppard falling down the depth chart


The Eagles impressive trio of corners did a nice job shutting down the Giants recievers last Sunday. That would be the trio of Samuel, Brown, and Hanson. Lito Sheppard was relegated to speial teams duty and never saw the field on defense.


Some people might say it's the work of the ruthless Eagles front office that won't tolerate a malcontent player whining about money... However, as we saw this offseason with Brian Westbrook that's not always the case. In fact, several years ago Westbrook held out of training camp when he was looking for an extension on his rookie deal. Both times the Eagles ended up capitulating. In other words, they reward success.

Plus, as Paul Domowitch points out... the day the front office tells Jim Johnson who he can and can not play is likely the day says goodbye to the Eagles. Jim Johnson has complete authority over who plays in his defense. Fact is, there's only reason for Lito getting benched. 

The reason Sheppard, a one-time Pro Bowler, spent Sunday as his team's unused No. 4 corner is because right now the Eagles are a much better defense with Joselio Hanson on the field as their nickel corner than they are with Sheppard.

Sheppard may be the most talented cornerback on the team. But he can't play hurt, which is too often the case, and, as he has proved this season, he also can't play unhappy.

Domo is right. Lito has been ppor this year, which is something I pointed out after the Cardinals game. Lee-tow is more or less already gone and frankly I'm not sure if we're going to get much if anything for him.... but we aren't going to miss him either.

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