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Redskins sign CB DeAngelo Hall

Whenever a famous name comes available... you can bet the Washington Redskins will be involved. The Skins have beaten the Saints, Steelers, and Pats to the signature of former Raider DeAngelo Hall.

Even though DeAngelo Hall wanted to take the weekend to consider 15 or more scenarios for a new team, the cornerback decided Friday to accept a one-year deal from the Washington Redskins, according to his agent, Joel Segal.

According to a source, Hall agreed to a one-year deal that is worth $492,000 for the remainder of the season

So the Raiders paid Hall $8 million for 8 games and the Redskins will pay him less than $500 grand. Not a bad deal for the Skins.

Obviously Hall is a rental. He'll play out the rest of the season with the Redskins and then enter free agency looking for yet another massive deal.

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