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McNabb and Obama are fans of each other

We normally try to steer away from politics on the site here, but I think if the Eagles players themselves are going to mention it than what they say is fair game. To their credit, none of these guys made any endorsements before the election. McNabb specifically was asked about his thoughts on Obama during the campaign several times, but McNabb refused to comment. Now that it's over however, I do think it's interesting to hear these guys putting this in historical perspective.

Donovan McNabb didn't think he'd ever live to see a black president

"Growing up and seeing and hearing how some people may feel about having an African-American president, I didn't think it was possible. But when you have an individual who, people have truly looked past his skin color, and just listened to his thoughts, and what his game plan is of what he wants to do in office, and how he would go about it - that's the positive thing that I think people should truly focus on; how people have looked past his skin color.''

Brian Dawkins was also moved by the election.

"I thought about some of the stories my grand daddy told me before he passed, of how things were," free safety Brian Dawkins said. "Things my father told me about, things (they) kind of sheltered me (from), and the racism that is around. To live to see this day, to see an African-America as the president ... maybe 40 years ago, in the 1960s, there is no way possible you would ever think something like this could happen. But here it is."

My only comment about the election is that if you haven't seen last night's south park, go watch it immediately.

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