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Buckhalter to see increased role


I've neglected to mention this week that Brian Westbrook has yet to practice this week. Several injuries, including some swelling in his ankle have left him listed as questionable for this weekend.

It's hard to figure out how to take this for Eagles fans. It's not at all uncommmon to see Brian Westbrook miss most if not all practices during a week and then not only play on the weekend but play well. So as usual it's wait and see with Brian.

Whether Westbrook is entirely healthy or not, most fans would like to see Correll have a bigger role in the offense than he has so far this year. Buckhalter touched the ball just twice in last Sunday's tie with the Bengals and one of those touches was a short pass that went for 44 yards. Buck had a 20 yard run against the Giants, a 27 yard catch against the Falcons, 178 total yards against the 49ers in his only start of the year, a 25 yard run and 20 yard catch against the Bears, 20 yard catch against the Steelers... The list goes on.

Point is that Buck has made plays in the precious few times he's touched the ball this year. Finally, it appears Andy Reid is realizing that he needs to find ways to get the ball into the hands of #28 more than he has.

"Correll will have an opportunity to play," Reid said. "We probably could have played him more last week and probably should have. That’s my responsibility. And he’ll get a few more opportunities this week."

"He’s a good football player," Reid said. "I think we all know that. Every time he has had an opportunity to start, he has had big days. Any time he gets in there, he has positive yards. That’s the majority of the time, not every time; but normally, he has positive yards.

"And as good a football player as he is, he’s an even better person. He understands his role on this football team and works his tail off and has overcome a lot of things."

I'm sure many of us rolled our eyes hearing Andy say he's going to increase the workload for his RBs... but Buck has faith.

And although he's been told he will see more action tomorrow, Buckhalter was asked whether he would have to see it to believe it. "Not really, man," he replied. "That's his word. He said I'm going to play more, so that's his word. What more can I go off of?"

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