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The Linc 11.20.08 - How about a nice tie for Christmas?


Guess what Eagles player didn't know a game could end in a tie until he was in a tie game? Brian Dawkins. (Eaglesville)

Hey look yet another Eagles blogger that wonders why all the controversy this week is about McNabb and not Reid. ESPN, comment? (Depressed Fan)

An in depth look at the play of Broderick Bunkley so far this season. (Iggles Blog)

Tony Romo picks up homeless men and takes them to movie theaters... then he tells his PR team to announce that he doesn't want publicity for it. (Poor Sports)

Does Sports Illustrated know there are ties in the NFL? (Bounty Bowl)

The Eagles fancast boys lament the Bengals tie. (Eagles Fancast)

One Eagles blogger has posted his wishlist, which seems to involve getting rid of everyone. (Bleed Eagles Green)

Apparently some Redskins fans have a burning hatred for Philadelphia. Our reaction? Indifference. (700 Level)

HHR compares the relationship of Donovan McNabb and Andy to Reid to the Neeleys on Food Network. Yes, I watch Food network. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

A kid getting a ball thrown at his face really hard at really close range. Nuff said. (With Leather)

Megan Fox walked in public and was photographed doing so... Obviously this is a big deal for me. (WWTDD)

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