Is McNabb Scripting His Own Exit?

I know this seems like a far-fetched idea, but I do not believe that there is anyway that Donovan did not know what happens if a game goes into overtime.  I believe that he has become so frustrated with the media, fans and just about everything associated with the city of Philadelphia that he said that after the game, to get people so against him, that he will not have to do anything else to be let go, traded or even benched.  I also think that he is frustrated with Reid and management for not getting him a receiver after all of these years.  Instead of bitching and moaning and going public like some other former players had, he kept his head down, was a yes man and took his shots from everyone.  I think he has hit a wall mentally and is exhausted from this city against him for so many years and has had enought.  That is why he said that, and is going to take it to his grave that this was his way that he bought his ticket out of this city. 

I am actually a McNabb fan, i think Reid is the problem, its not the driver's fault if the car can't work.  Reid is the car and in this case a ugly jalopy that has outgrown his success as a coach that has been caught by younger, smarter coaches that are on to his scheme. 

I wish Donovan the best and I would like to see him one more year without Reid and see how he perfroms, that would be ineresting to see if that man has one more breath with some new fresh air.