I’m not mad anymore. I’m really not. But the tie against the previously 1-8 Bengals makes them seem irrelevant and you know what? That’s exactly what they’ve become this season. They’re irrelevant because they can’t beat teams in their division (or for that matter 1-8 teams with undrafted rookie quarterbacks), they can’t run the ball and (probably most significantly) they are floundering at a time when everyone in their home city is pretty much still celebrating the World Series victory. That is what it boils down to for the Eagles this season. Some are mad, some are frustrated, but ultimately most are disinterested in watching a team with just about zero collective body language. TJ Houshmanzadeh actually even shut up Dawkins yesterday. That never happens to Dawk.

Also, I generally love McNabb’s demeanor on the field. He looks like he is having fun 90% of the time. But yesterday, after overthrowing Westbrook on a screen that would have gained upwards of 20 yards, McNabb just laughed about it. He made fewer good passes and more downright bad passes than I have ever seen him make. I really can’t remember him ever playing as badly as he did and to be laughing about it during a game that they were losing to a team that was previously 1-8 merely cements the fact that this team really isn’t worth getting worked up about this season. I mean, they don’t seem to care, why should I? I think I’ll just bask in the glow of the Phils winning the World Series and focus on the upcoming college basketball season.