Defending Donovan

If you throw the ball 15-20 times, what are the chances that you'll throw an interception? All things being equal, probably pretty low. If you throw the ball 58 times - and you have no running game to speak of, and your opposition can consistently drop everyone into coverage without worrying about said running game -  what are the chances you'll throw a few interceptions? Pretty good.

I'm not going to defend the actual interceptions; Donovan threw some horrific passes. Everyone could see that. But quarterbacks have bad games. It's not like Donovan is having a bad year statistically - in fact, it's pretty good. He's not throwing 3 INTs every week.

But usually head coaches try to compensate for bad games (see Coughlin, Tom) by utilizing the running game. Now I don't know why the running game doesn't work, especially with the size of our offensive line. But I think more of the blame has to fall on Andy Reid than Donovan McNabb for this game/season.