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Is there any sizzle for an Eagles Bengals game?

It appears that no one cares about the Eagles Bengals game this weekend. At least not here in Philly. The local writers haven't talked about it much this week. The message boards aren't talking about it... The blogs are light on it.

The question is why?

Has the hangover from the Giants game overshadowed the game?

Is it because it's against a team with no real rivalry or history with us?

Have fans given up?

Is it because their most famous and unlikeable player has been entirely complimentary to us this week?

Whatever the reason, we've got a football game coming up this weekend. There's only 16 of these things and we've got to do our best to enjoy every one of them. So I'm opening it up to you. Why is this a big game? Why do you care about it? Why are you excited?

Let's get hyped here!

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