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Eagles v Giants - What they're saying

The Eagles didn't offer up much insight as to their struggles against the Giants. Omar Gaither.

"They ran the ball and they ran it well and effectively," linebacker Omar Gaither said. "They did some things that put us in bad situations as far as the edge was concerned. They were able to rack up too many yards. I look at that, and that's terrible.''

Mike Patterson, who made arguably the Eagles biggest play of the game, sounded similar

"They're a group of guys that have been together for a while and they were able to get some things on us,'“ Eagles defensive lineman Mike Patterson said. "We'll have to look at the film tomorrow and see what they were able to do.”

We get it. They "did some good things." We saw that.

As always, asking the coach is completely pointless. Andy Reid was asked about the Giants run game.

"They did a nice job," Eagles coach Andy Reid said of the Giants' offense. "There are some physical things that we can do better. We made a couple of adjustments, but we still have some issues there."

The question on everyone's mind last night was why Andy Reid decided not to put the ball in the hands of Donovan McNabb on the final 3rd and 4th down plays. McNabb seemed a bit frustrated

"When you finally get in that rhythm, you want the ball in your hands, but that's the coaches' decision," McNabb said. "You want the ball in your hands, win or lose, but the coaches felt we could run the ball and pick up the 2 yards we needed to continue. Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way."

Eagles running backs had 15 total carries last night. Clearly the Eagles had no commitment whatsoever to the run, and judging from what Reid said last night that's unlikely to change.

"I'll always take that responsibility," Reid said after the game, about the need to get McNabb going early and keep the offense going. "He'll be fine. Just keep firing. I can do a better job. And we do a better job executing and we'll be fine."

"Just keep firing." Great.

As always, I like to conclude with Sheldon Brown's thoughts

"There were a lot of close calls, and they all seemed to go against us," Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown said. "But sometimes you have to make your own calls."

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