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Eagles win ratings battle with Phils

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I caught this story in the Inky and was mildly surprised.


According to ratings released yesterday, 23.3 percent of the houses turned on in this market were turned to the Eagles-Redskins game, equating to 687,000 households. For the Phillies, 13 percent (383,000 households) of the TVs on at the time were watching their game against the Brewers.

The fact is that most Philly sports fans were probably switching back and forth... Plus, the fact that the Eagles were on network TV and the Phillies on cable had plenty to do with it as well.

I do wonder however, given the way their fortunes went on Sunday whether we'd see the same result if they went  head to head again. Fortunately for those of us who root for both, there will be no more head to head Phils/Eagles matchups. The Eagles play the 49ers at 4pm this Sunday while the Phillies play around 8:30 that night.