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Phillies split party between Citizens Bank and Lincoln Financial field

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The Philles have announced that their championship parade will head down broad street and end up at the stadum complex where the celebration will be split between Citizens Bank Park and the much larger Lincoln Financial Field. The tickets to the events at CBP will be limited since season ticket holders will get most of those... but there will be tons of tickets avaiable to the festivities at Lincoln financial field.

Good job by the Eagles working with the Phils to give more fans the chance to be a part of a great day in Philadelphia.

Keep an eye on the Phillies website for info on how to get tickets to either.

Of course, carving out a spot on broad street won't be so bad either...

The Eagles put up a video of Reid, Mcnabb, Westbrook, and Dawkins congratulating the Phils on the first Philly sports title in 25 years.