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Reggie Brown expected to return

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Honestly, it's kinda wierd to get back to football on a day like this with the Phillies dominating every headline. You could say this is the best day to be a Philly sports fan in the past 25 years... But, this is an Eagles blog and it's my duty to report on all things Eagles.

The news today is that it looks like Reggie Brown will be back this weekend.

Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown practiced without limitations on Wednesday, strengthening the expectation that he'll be in the Philadelphia lineup on Sunday in Seattle.

If he is, it will be the first time quarterback Donovan McNabb will have his top three offensive weapons -- running back Brian Westbrook, wideout Kevin Curtis, and Brown -- at his disposal at the same time, and everyone in green is excited about what that might mean.

Top three weapons from last year that is... Clearly Desean Jackson counts as one of those top 3 weapons this year. When asked about whether Brown's return will affect his starting position, he didn't leave much doubt.

Asked if he'll be playing some slot receiver now that Brown is returning, he said, "I'm not changing. They got me where they got me."

Later, he expounded and equivocated, saying his role has always included lining up inside now and again.

"I play everything," Jackson said. "This offense has different calls put me inside and different calls put me outside, so I definitely get a lot of everything.

"There's a lot of playmakers, we have a lot of depth. It's just the exception to be able to have everybody out there."