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Andy Reid is on the Phils bandwagon

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They don't call him "Big Red" for nothin'!

The Phils won it all in 1980. Reid, who rarely makes projections, insisted this Phillies team also would get the job done.

"I’m going to take the ‘if’ out of that for you,” Reid said before the Phils opposed the Rays in Game 5 Monday night. "They are going to win, and the city will love every minute of it. It will be great for the city.”

It was impossible to resist asking Reid just one more question. Will you attend the championship parade down Broad Street?

"I will,” Reid said. "I will just open my curtains and it will go right past me right there, so I’ll be there.”

Reid’s office faces Broad Street.

Did anyone notice Donovan Mcnabb reading the Phillies starting lineup last night?