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Eagles sign FB Kyle Eckel, cut S JR Reed

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The Eagles signed a fullback. Another fullback... Hometown Philly guy and former Pats fullback Kyle Eckel joins Jason Davis, Jed Collins, Tony Hunt, Luke Lawton, & Dan Klecko as the latest to try to lock down the job as Eagles fullback.

When Kyle Eckel got word of what would be his newest NFL stop, he didn't exactly need to factor in the consequences of relocating immediately.

The former Navy fullback was inked to a two-year contract Tuesday to help solidify a revolving-door position in Philadelphia, his hometown and where most of his close family still resides. To make room for Eckel, the Eagles released safety J.R. Reed.

"I definitely know what this team means to the city of Philadelphia. I definitely know what it means to me," Eckel said. "I grew up watching Randall Cunningham and loving those guys. A lot of good memories about it."

For now Dan Klecko will remain as the teams' starting fullback until Eckel learns the offense.

So they cut Hunt last week, promote Klecko, and leave Jed Collins on the practice squad... And the end result is Kyle Eckel. Hopefully this time they've got it right.

And JR Reed gets released. Again...