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What did the Eagles offer for Tony Gonzalez?

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There's two conflicting reports floating around about what the Eagles offered Kansas City for TE Tony Gonzalez.

Local guy Paul Domowitch's source said it was a conditional 4th round pick

Peterson declined to say what any of the three teams specifically offered. But according to another source familiar with the negotiations, the Eagles' best offer was a fourth-round pick that would be upgraded to a third only if Gonzalez met certain performance contingencies this season.

Local Packers reporter Jason Wilde's sources say it was a third round pick

According to the source, the Packers, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles all made offers — the Giants offering a fourth-round pick, the Eagles and Packers offering third-rounders. The source said the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills made better offers but Gonzalez wasn't interested in playing for either team.

In the end, does it really matter? They didn't get him either way.