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Eagles made offers for Tony Gonzalez


This is so heartwarming...

When Kansas City opted not to deal tight end Tony Gonzalez, it was not for lack of offers.

The Chiefs were engaged in active talks with the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers. One team offered as much as a third-round pick; another offered a fourth-round pick; another offered a pick and a player.

But ultimately, in the end, Chiefs president Carl Peterson, could not bring himself to trade a player for whom he has a personal affection. Teams tried to pry him loose, but Peterson never could commit to dealing his Pro-Bowl, record-setting tight end.

I kid... but I can appreciate that Peterson has such personal affection for Gonzalez. I'm sure the fan base feels the same way... but as much as they may like the player was keeping him rather than sending him to the highest bidder really the best possible thing for the franchise?

Trying to put ourselves in their shoes... Let's say the Eagles were absolutely out of it this year. One win and clearly a long way away. Several teams got into a bidding war for Brian Dawkins. A great player, a fan favorite... but a guy near the end of his career. Would we say that dealing Dawk in that situation was worth it?

[Note by JasonB, 10/15/08 11:07 AM EDT ] Reset the poll to make it more clear.

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