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NFC... Least?

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Has the NFC East been overhyped? 


I'm certainly not declaring the division dead... but this weekend in the NFL surely has many people who were proclaiming the NFC East the best division in football reconsidering that stance. Let's revisit.

  • The Redskins started the weekend by losing at home to a winless team that many people considered the worst in football.
  • Dallas was then upset on the road in Arizona in their 2nd loss in 3 weeks and frankly 3rd poorly played game in a row. However, their worst loss came after the game with the news that QB Tony Romo would miss a month, rookie RB Felix Jones could miss a month, and pro bowl punter Matt McBriar is likely done for the year.
  • Finally, the previously unbeaten Giants went on the road to Cleveland last night and ran into an absolute buzzsaw. The Browns absolutely dominated the Giants on boths sides of the ball. Eli Manning had his worst game in a long time, and the Giants defense did not register a sack, did not force a turnover, and did not even force a punt... ESPN said it was the first time the Giants failed to do any of those things since 1936, which is when they started counting those stats.

For all that has been written about how much better the East was than the rest of the NFC... it's worth mentioning that the NFC South now has three 4-2 teams and a very good 3-3 team in the form of the New Orleans Saints.

So where does that leave the Eagles? It leaves them controlling their own destiny. We currently trail New York by 2 games and Dallas & Washington both by 1 game. Luckily, those are the exact amount of games we have remaining against those teams. Even more good news is that the Cowboys and Redskins both now have 2 losses in the conference... meaning that if the Eagles beat them they will erase the tiebreakers those teams currently hold over them(barring other losses that could create a different scenario).

This is a far from simple road to the playoffs. Winning the next 4 games against the NFC East is by no means an easy task... but it's not a bad situation to be in given the Eagles poor start to the year. All we can ask for is that Eagles get to control their own destiny, which for now they do.