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Desean Jackson, Quintin Demps fined

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Warning, looking at a fellow player could be costly...

Desean Jackson and Quintin Demps were notified by the league this week that they would be fined $10k a piece for their "celebration" after Jackson's punt return TD against the Redskins.

Their celebration consisted of crossing their arms, looking at one another, and bobbing their heads up and down. Apparently, that crossed the line!

To the NFL, the act wasn't among the "natural, spontaneous expressions of exuberance and celebratory acts" which typically are not penalized or fined by NFL authorities.

Looking at the replays Jackson and Demps apparently violated the unsportsmanlike conduct rule when "two or more players engage in prolonged, excessive, premeditated or choreographed celebrations, particularly after scoring plays."

Both players will be appealing the fine. I've obtained a copy of their official appeal to the league...

Dear Mr Goodell,

Really? 10K for that? Really?

Yours Truly,