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Brian Westbrook Wednesday PC recap

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 Brian Westbrook met the media today and took reporters questions which were almost exclusively focused on his ankle injury. Here's a recap of what he had to say in regards to his injury.


Are you feeling encouraged so far this week?

I'm definitely encouraged. The truth is I've gotten better everyday. Like last week you try to get better every day and at the end of the week you see how close you are to 100% and if you're close you play and if you're not you have to take the week off.

Are you more optimistic this week then you were last week at this time?

Yeah. The injury is a week older, another week of  rehab for me. By the time Sunday comes around... I'm definitely more optimistic than I was last week.

How close are you to actually practicing?

I'm close. I'm getting closer daily. I did a little bit during the walkthrough and I think that's the first step to getting where you can practice fully. We're taking it slow. You don't want to have anything where you could re-injure it or make it worse than what it is.

Also, it's pretty funny if you listen to the PC on the Eagles website... at some point a reporter asks about what guys need to step up and the reporter says "Brian Celek." Several of the other reporters in the room start to make fun of the guy under their breath... into an open mic. Pretty funny little moment. I'm pretty sure I heard Reuben Frank laughing about it.