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Monday morning news from all over

Did anyone catch Brian Westbrook doing some reporting for NFL Network during the Giants/Bucs game? I thought he did pretty good job and it was nice to see an Eagle out there for once.

Some new stuff about some possible Eagles front office/coaching changes.

Eagles general manager Tom Heckert interviews today for the Atlanta Falcons' GM job. The buzz in NFL circles is that Heckert has a good chance of being hired to run Atlanta's football operations . . . The Ravens are expected to interview Eagles secondary coach John Harbaugh for their head-coaching job

You'd have to think Harbaugh is somewhat of a longshot to get an NFL head coaching job right now, but it's great to hear that he's at least getting interviews. He also recetnly had a second interview for the vacant head coaching job at UCLA.

Now that it's pretty obvious that he's coming back, McNabb is asking for help next year.

"I'm not getting any younger," McNabb said Monday, as he packed up and started his offseason suddenly content in the knowledge that the Eagles will be, once again, his team.

"It's important that you look into the draft and you look into free agency and you try to bring in guys that will definitely help in all situations," McNabb said. "It's not just one position. It's one, two or three guys that will help get you over the hump. It's important right now. I'm not getting any younger. It's about trying to bring in more firepower. It's "How can you help us now?'

On the subject of "firepower" I thought this little note from the same article was pretty funny...

Whatever help he gets likely won't come through the draft. The Eagles have gotten only one impact skill position player from the draft since 2002 -- and that is Reggie Brown, who plainly took a step backward this year.

While head coach Andy Reid called Brown's season "a career year" due to 61 catches, Brown himself called it a disappointment. Four touchdowns (51st in the league) and 780 yards (38th) is not enough from a player the Eagles just gave $27 million in a contract extension to be the big-play guy on their receiving corps.

David Aldridge seems to feel that the Eagles need to go get Randy Moss. I suppose it's technically possible since he'll be a free agent, but it certainly doesn't seem like he's going anywhere.

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