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Could Billick land with the Eagles?

Take this for what it is, which seems just to be a guess on the part of Domowich buried at the end of his interesting column about Kevin Curtis, but there's some logic to it.

Don't be shocked if Brian Billick, who was fired earlier this week as the Ravens' head coach, winds up as an offensive consultant on Andy Reid's staff. Billick and Reid are longtime friends. You might recall that Reid brought another pal, Marty Mornhinweg, on board after he was fired by the Lions 5 years ago.

I would recommend checking out the article either way. It has the thoughts of a few Eagles players and outside personell guys on Curtis and talks about the stereotypes he faces based on his race.

Update [2008-1-4 12:23:40 by BleedGreen]: Funny enough, as I was writing this Andrew posted a good diary on the Curtis portion of the article and even expands on it. Check it out.

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