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The Linc 1.31.08 - Let's play pretend

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Wanna pretend the Eagles won superbowl XXXIX? Then get this Eagles superbowl champions shirt off ebay. Apparently this guy grabbed one before the others were destroyed... (ebay)

Yours truly was asked to participate in a survey of the the most influential sportscasters for Forbes magazine. (Forbes)

This is a kind of a bit sad to hear, but former Eagles and Packers head coach Ray Rhodes is now an assistant defensive backs coach with the Texans. (Iggles Blog)

The debate continues to rage on in the Philly sports blogosphere as to who we should be rooting for this Sunday (Poor Sports)

The debate rages, and rages... (Eagles Eye)

NFL Films has a video up of Steve Sabol discussing the importance of Brian Westbrook. (

Speaking of Westbrook, he'd like you to eat some tasty cheeseburgers. (700 Level)

Give yourselves a pat on the back, because Eagles fans are the Cadillac of fans. On another note, I'm liking this new kind of advertising that gives you some interesting content while trying to get you buy something. (Fox Sports)

Stephen A Smith is now merely a blogger after being fired from his column at the Philadelphia Inquirer (Deadspin)

Apparently Football Outsiders have named the Giants the worst team to ever make the superbowl. (Eagle Scout)

This is irony at it's best. Will James teaching kids how to cover a receiver. That would be like a parenting video by Britney Spears. (Bird's Eye View)

One animated Jersey Giants fan is happy, hairy. ATHF (Inside the Iggles)

Finally, a Shakespearean take on the Superbowl. (With Leather)

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