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Larry Fitzgerald talks about his situation and Philadelphia

WIP's Howard Eskin talked to Larry Fitzgerald yesterday and the Cardinals WR had some interesting, albeit not earth shattering stuff to say...

Howard told him how crazy Eagles fans are for a WR and asked if he’d requested out of Arizona.

"No I haven’t requested, I love Arizona I love playing here, but who couldn’t be excited about playing with a great running back like Brian Westbrook who takes a knee on the goal line? Unselfish guys like that, McNabb. They got a lot of good players out there. But I’m here in Arizona I’m under contract for 2 more years and I’m happy here."

Howard also asked him if he was traded whether the Eagles would be one of his top 4 teams, he said yes. Fitzgerald said he was sick of sitting at home and watching other guys in the playoffs and he would like to be with a team like the Eagles who are in the playoffs every year.

Howard also said that he was told by Javon Walker’s agent that the Eagles had a deal worked out with him for $7.5 million a year but Green Bay wouldn’t trade him inside the NFC for less than a 1st round pick. Kind of interesting…

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