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Falcons interested in Heckert

So says Adam Schefter. He details where Falcons owner Arthur Blank is traveling to interview other GM candidates.

And once he wraps up those trips, Blank plans to hone in on Eagles general manager Tom Heckert, who would be allowed to leave Philadelphia only because he would be given more decision-making responsibility in Atlanta.

As we know, Andy Reid has final say on all personnel decisions which means going to a team where Heckert would have final say would be a promotion. It's how Parcells was able to steal Cowboys' personel guy Jeff Ireland.

It's an interesting scenario that could potentially show us how much power or influence Heckert really has. Would the Eagles pre-empt a move to another team by giving Heckert final say? Would they let him walk because they think the real brains behind the organization is someone else?

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