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Another Eagles veteran asks for playmakers

"The more playmakers you have, the better chance you have at winning."
Every day it looks more and more obvious that the majority of the Eagles agree with McNabb that the team needs more playmakers and disagree with Sheldon Brown that he was wrong to say it.  criticized Donovan McNabb when the QB stated the obvious and said the team needed more playmakers. He felt McNabb was "throwing his teammates under the bus."

Plus, a bunch of media types and some Eagles fans criticized McNabb for publicly stating the team needed more players.

Since then Brian Westbrook, Takeo Spikes, Tom Heckert, and now John Runyan have all agreed with McNabb. Runyan was a guest on Sports  Radio 950 and had this to say in response to the question, "Where you upset when Donovan said the team needed more playmakers?"

No, you can always use more playmakers. The more playmakers you have, the better chance you have at winning. It's a given people are going to have off days and the more talent you have on the field the better chance you have.

He went on to say that tight end is a big need, whether it's bring LJ back or getting a veteran, someone needs to be a weapon at that spot to stop defenses from "keying on Westbrook all the time."

I think officially we can put this to bed. Sheldon has the right to feel however he wants, and he has the right to say it. But he doesn't speak for the team. It seems pretty obvious that the veterans on this team know they need help and aren't shy about asking for it. It also seems pretty obvious that most fans and media hold McNabb to a different standard. There's just been no uproar or outcry after all these other prominent veterans have all expressed the same desires McNabb did when the season ended.

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