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Westbrook wants playmakers, alert Sheldon Brown!

Uh oh... Another guy on the Eagles saying the team could use some more playmakers! Sheldon Brown must be so upset!

Westbrook was a guest on the Two Live Stews radio show. Actually, it wasn't just Westbrook. Brian was on the phone and Takeo Spikes was live in the studio and Spikes was openly campaigning for more playmakers as well.

Here is what Brian said

We have to follow the example of the team that's doing so good. The situation with New England what they did, they went out and got some playmakers. I think we took the right step in the offseason this year, we went out and got Takeo we went out and got some players... but we didn't have enough. So for us, as far as an offensive team we have to go out and got those playmakers, those guys that can make more of a difference in the game. I know that we have the guys on the team right now that can get it done, but you take the heat off everyone when you add more playmakers to your team. If you're counting on one or two people to get the job done week and in and week out it puts a lot of pressure on those guys. But when you have 3, 4 guys that can take the load and if one guy is having bad game this guy can pick up the slack it'd be so much easier for your team to win football games.

A great example of that like I said is New England. Basically you have Randy Moss trying to get off every week and if he doesn't get off then you have Wes Welker, you have Donte Stallworth, you have Jabar Gaffney, and you have a great quarterback which we have as well that can get the ball to all of them.  We have the playmakers already on defense, we just have to have everyone healthy which is hard to do in the NFL.

As far as the defense, we have to make more plays. They made a lot of stops on some key plays, but we need to get some turnovers we need more dynamic plays on our defense. We have the guys that can do it, we just didn't get it done this year.

Does anyone disagree with anything Brian said? I'd say he was pretty much dead on every point.

Here's the deal Sheldon. You can't criticize your teammates for wanting more playmakers in one breath and in the next say this...

Perhaps Brown's lowest blow was when he says, in regards to the defense forcing turnovers, "Whats the point if the offense isn't going to do anything with them."

I'll put the audio of the Westbrook interview on the BGN Live podcast later today.

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