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The Linc 1.24.08 - Those Green Bay Packer Girls

On second thought... Go ahead Brett.
Check it out, the 2nd story in as many weeks about philly sports bloggers. Namely, the 700 Level. (Inky)

Surely, Tom Heckert has no respect for the players in the locker room.  Do you know he said we may add free agents? OMG! Don't tell Sheldon Brown! (Iggles Blog)

Has anyone else seen that video going around from "Coming to America" where Eddie Murphy says the Giants will beat the Pack by a FG? Funny. (Bounty Bowl)

Cam Cameron was hired as the Ravens offensive coordinator, which obviously means Harbaugh will not be taking Eagles QB coach Pat Shurmur. It also means Harbaugh probably doesn't have a whole lot of decision making power in the Ravens organization. (Birds Eye View)

A good case as to why we should be rooting for the Pats next Sunday. (Fortress of Pillows.)

One Philly blogger wants to the Eagles to draft Tom Zbikowski to play safety. Isn't he the guy from the movie Office Space? (All Philadelphia Sports)

In a shocking twist, it appears Hitler is a Cowboy fan and still distraught over their choke. (Eagle Scout)

It's that time of year again... where radio DJs try to score minor hits with awful super bowl songs. Be sure to check out "Low," by Maverick... that one is especially awful. (

It appears that Osi Umenyoria has posted the first bulletin board material. In other news, Rodney Harrison does cartwheels. (Big Blue View)

A nostalgic look back at former Eagles great, Wilbert Montgomery(For The Birds)

It appears that Stephan A Smith, who thinks bloggers are dangerous has started... you guessed it! His own blog! Complete with paranoid rants! (

ESPN's Dana Jacobsen has been suspended for making distasteful jokes at a Mike & Mike roast put on by ESPN. Isn't that the point of a roast? (With Leather)

This is kind of a weird and sad story. Former Eagle Herschel Walker says he has multiple personality disorder. Running Back one day, Olympic bobsledder the next? Hmm... (Yahoo1 Sports)

Finally, you gotta love those Green Bay Packer bikini girls. (Sports Bubbler)

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