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The Best Part of the Giants' Run

Does anyone else take great joy from the fact that the Giants have made their run without these two guys?

Seriously, were there two more annoying Giants than Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey? I also kinda got a kick out of Michael Strahan, Eli Manning is mostly just kind of there, and there really aren't any other personalities on the team that ever rubbed me either way. The two real villains and the guys that always seemed to come up big against the Eagles have been Shockey & Tiki. I suppose you could put Burress on  that list, but for whatever reason he's never been the face of the Giants like Shockey and Barber have.

So I take some solace that somewhere Tiki Barber is probably gritting his teeth that the Giants made the superbowl the year after he retires and that Jeremy Shockey will be watching from the sidelines in what may well be his last game as a member of the team.

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