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Reflections on the weekend

Brady is happy
So a Pats vs Giants superbowl? Who saw that one coming? Let's start with the Pats.

Sunday was actually the worst I've seen the Pats look in a while. I don't know if it was the wind but Brady was throwing over guys' heads all day, and pretty much the only success he was having were checkdowns to the backs. Their defense was letting a  Chargers teams that didn't have their best weapons at 100% move the ball...

But the thing the Pats have that the Eagles lacked this year is the killer instinct. They just know how  to win games. How many games did the Eagles lose this year because they couldn't close? At least 4 or 5. The Pats have made timely plays when it matters all year and the Eagles simply haven't.

As for the Giants... you gotta give them credit. They did this the hard way. Three road games with two against the top seeds in the conference isn't easy and I think it really highlights how open the NFC really is. The talent gap between the Giants, Dallas, Pack, Seattle ect isn't huge. These NFC playoffs were really about who wanted it more and that was obviously the Giants. They don't make a ton of spectacular plays but like the Pats they've learned how to simply win games. They play with fire and they do the little things that the Eagles simply didn't do for most of this year.

Frankly, I think Favre is done. In the second half of that game and overtime he looked like a boxer who was out on his feet. It just looked like he had nothing left. His shoulders were sagging, his passes looked like wounded ducks... He looked tired, tired to the point where I'm surprised Mike McCarthy didn't entertain the idea of putting in Aaron Rodgers. Favre was gassed and he gave that one away.

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